Paula Arguello (voice) is a conceptual thinker based in the twin cities dedicated to experimenting with disciplines such as singing, dancing and writing in collaboration with other artists to create intangible and tangible statements that challenge the typical thinking of our society. Born and raised in Bogota, Colombia, Paula was exposed to the art of discourse at an early age growing up next to her father the Colombian writer Rodrigo Arguello, the most defining and inspiring figure in her life. Being a little writer and dancer with promising skills didn’t seem to be enough to convey her overflowing ideas, and this resulted in the need to discover music in her early adolescence.

Including the art of singing into her exploration was paramount to complete her artistic tool-kit, a tool-kit ready to express and create but that always let the value of the concept outweigh the value of the actual aesthetic, performance or work of art itself. Today Paula is recognized for her unique sound, her particularly high and vibrant voice, her enchanting hand and hip movements on stage, her sweet spanish-accent combined with the confrontational and fearless content of her words, her somehow dark art statements, her hip-hop and caribbean dance moves and her passion for flamenco and fado singing.
Her work in current bands like Mestifonía, Alfama Duo and Up South, as well as her collaborations with the film composer Mark Himley in singles like “Let Me Lie to You” and “Narcolepsy" reflect that intense and long-suffering interpretation that Paula is characterized by. Undeniably an intriguing figure in this generation of countless frivolous and “a-conceptual” artists.

Gabo Blondel (guitar)

Gabriel is a guitar player from La Paz, Bolivia. He started playing guitar in high school with a group of friends that wanted to have fun making music. His education was self-taught at the beginning, with influences from Latin Rock (Enanitos Verdes, Autenticos Decadentes, Molotov), Classic Rock (The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Scorpions), and Punk Rock (Blink 182, The Offspring, Sum 41). He began to play shows shortly after starting the instrument. Then, a style of music entered his life that completely changed him: Metal. Bands like Iron Maiden, Symphony X, Dream Theater, Megadeth, Metallica, Slayer, and Pantera opened his mind to new posibilities with the guitar. The music showed him different kinds of technique, a stronger way to express feelings, and means of seeing music as a profession. It was then that he knew what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. 

After finishing high school, he started studing classical guitar at The Plurinations Conservatory of Music of Bolivia (CPM), thanks to the influence of his first teacher, Luigi Jordan. He became interested in music from the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, and Romantic periods, along with contemporary music and traditional music from Bolivia. During that time, he performed as a soloist, in duets (Duo Sforzato and Duo entre cuerdas), trios, and the CPM guitar orchestra. Some of the masters that contributed to his education were Oscar Peñafiel, Marcos Puña, Pirai Vaca, Ernesto Gutierrez, Rolando Peña, Juan Carlos Hiza and Daniel Molina. During his education at the CPM, he was influenced by composers that experiment with sound, effects, rhythm and, harmony (Igor Stravinsky, Steven Wilson, Opeth, Tool). He started studing Jazz at the CPM with Einar Guillen, David Aspi, and Martin Castillo. He also started a band with some of the most talented musicians in Bolivia, a band of friends, a band without a music genere, a band that worked with detail and musicality. The band shared a passion for music "Spiral". They were playing in several stages around Bolivia. In 2015, they presented a tribute to the band Tool. 

Gabriel's hunger of knowledge was such that he decided to continue learnig outside of Bolivia. In 2016, He received a scholarship to study at McNally Smith College of Music in Minnesota. Now he is in the USA playing all around the Twin Cities with Mestifonia, Blue Voodoo, and a metal band.

Julia Floberg (cello) is a musician from Minneapolis, MN. When Julia was five years old, she went up to her mother and asked to play an instrument. Her four older siblings all played instruments, and she was starting to feel left out. A few weeks later, her mother brought home a cello. She has been playing the instrument ever since.

Julia received formal classical training on the cello on the East Coast and at various summer festivals around the U.S.A. She seriously considered pursuing a classical career in music, but she derailed off that track when she discovered songwriting in her early 20s. The allure of the words, the power of the voice, and the simplicity of the structure captured her attention. She started writing and then found she couldn’t stop.

Julia Floberg plays with the Delphia Cello QuartetMestifonía, and a folk trio called Lady Spruce. Julia frequently performs with Twin Cities singer-songwriters, including Mary Bue and Carlisle Evans Peck. On occasion, Julia gets in touch with her classical roots by subbing with the La Crosse Symphony Orchestra and the Duluth-Superior Symphony Orchestra.

Zakh Peterson (percussion) was born and raised in small-town, Kasson, Minnesota. He started on drum set and concert band percussion in middle school. Over the years, he has played in bands of many genres -- leading him to Mestifonía. 

Zakh attended McNally Smith College of Music, but after its unexpected closing, he transferred to Augsburg University to continue his degree in Music Business. After one semester, he chose to stop attending in order to get rolling with his own career and start two businesses, “Zakh Music LLC” and “Zakh Marketing”.

His influences come from the numerous great teachers he has had, to include: classic rock, jazz, afro-cuban, hard rock, groove music, and sephardic music. As of now, Zakh plays with 3 other bands: The Owl Eyes (glam grunge/rock), 61 Rumors (Indie folk/rock), and The Rares (60s Merseybeat).